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January 26, 2024
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February 2, 2024
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March 15, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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July 3-5, 2024
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Room: 0.1 (ground floor)
Name of session: Sustainability and VET – II
Tracks: 1 & 2 & 3
Chair: Konstantinos Karamarkos

ID Title Authors
3144 European Initiatives for Professional Excellence in Fossil Free Energy Production Athina Krestou, Alkiviadis Tsamis, Stefanos Gerardis, Stergios Maropoulos, Adam Stimoniaris, Fokion Papathanasiou, Konstantinos Karamarkos, Sofia Papanikolaou, Andreas Maropoulos and Fotios Tsampouris
6190 Solar energy and efficiency at IES El Cabanyal Ramon Soria, David Sornosa and IES El Cabanyal
833 Innovating for a sustainable future Mónica María González Cabrera
4357 Upskilling and Reskilling on H2 technologies: The Green Skills for Hydrogen Project Athanasia Ioannidou, Ioanna Mikrouli, Evridiki Mantela, Eleni Papista and Nikolaos Ntavos
3901 Discoveries from a Skills Evaluation on Sustainable Energy in Western Macedonia, Greece Stefanos Gerardis, Athina Krestou, Stergios Maropoulos, Alkiviadis Tsamis, Adam Stimoniaris, Sofia Papanikolaou, Nikolaos Ntavos, Sofia-Natalia Boemi, Stefanos Dodouras and Evridiki Mandela

Room: 0.2 (ground floor)
Name of session: New Teaching Methods in Sustainable Education – II
Tracks: 1 & 4
Chair: Joost Jongen

ID Title Authors
2793 Designing Courses & Increasing Learning Motivation through Gamification Kim Möller and Thomas Spelten
1243 Escaperoom in Energy Education Joost Jongen
13 How can we teach sustainability? Active learning based on an experimental game Sabrina Fontanella, Luca Fraccascia, Fabio Nonino and Alessandra Scarnicchia
7771 Team projects to promote interest in basic microbiology Linda Mezule
928 Field classes in accounting as a “Black Swan” of sustainable education Magdalena Majchrzak and Piotr Szczypa

Room: 0.3 (ground floor)
Name of session: Sustainability and Development
Tracks:2 & 4
Chair: Miriam Korstanje

ID Title Authors
3740 Zero Time, Zero Investment: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Energy Development in Underdeveloped Countries Aleena Ahmad, Kiran Siraj, Muhammad Arslan Malik, Hafiz Owais Ahmad Khan and Naveed Arshad
4660 Exploring Local Solutions to Address Energy Access Deficit for Off-grid Communities in Nigeria Through Collaborative Learning Misbahu Ladan Mohammed, Aminu Bayawa Muhammad, Abdullahi Muhammad Sokoto, Muhammad Saifullahi Ladan and Zaharadden Muhammad Ladan
2674 Empowering Amazonian Communities Through Environmental Education and Technology Carme Huguet, Alba Avila and Daniela Alvarez-Gallo
3027 Methodology for the Incorporation of Environmental and Energy Management Systems in Salesian Educational Institutions in Ecuador Xavier Serrano-Guerrero, John Calle-Siguencia, Pablo Arévalo-Moscoso, Fernando Pesantez-Avilés and Juan Cárdenas-Tapia
7848 Sustainable Planning for the Development of Site-Specific Run-Of-River Hydropower: A Case Study in the Gonovo River Catchment, Finschhafen District, Papua New Guinea Tingneyuc Sekac, Nosare Maika, Sujoy Kumar Jana, Ora Renagi, Sammy Aiau and Dapsy Olatona

Room: 0.4 (ground floor)
Name of session: Knowledge Dissemination
Tracks: 1 & 2 & 4
Chair: Lenny van Onselen

ID Title Authors
6891 Crossing Boundaries in Sustainable Energy Education: Transnational Learning is a Two-way Street Lenny van Onselen, Evelien Ketelaar, Angelique Ruiter, Esther Wijma and Martijn Rietbergen
2225 Enabling the flow of knowledge for the Energy and Hydrogen Transition Marsha Wagner, Jan Geurts van Kessel and Rob de Jeu
2585 EnerGPT – Enhancing Energy Literacy Education by Customizing ChatGPT Thimo Schulz, Kim K. Miskiw, Christina Speck and Christof Weinhardt
5760 Empowering Sustainable Futures: Integrating Experiential Learning in Energy Education Through LUMS-UoB Exchange Program Kiran Siraj, Munawwar Ali Abbas, Nauman Zaffar and Naveed Arshad
7902 Knowledge dissemination and diffusion towards regional ecosystems Frans van den Akker, Jorrit Bock and Fionna Heuff

Room: 1.1 (1st floor)
Name of session: SEED Steering Committee Meeting (attendance by invitation)

Room: Faculty Hall (ground floor)
Coffee break and gallery walk

Name of sessions: Workshops – Session III

Room Title Chairs
0.0 (ground floor) WS16 – Challenges of International Master Degree Courses in Renewable Energy Systems Andreas Wolf
0.1 (ground floor) WS14 – H2 Virtual Training Dr. Michel Galaup, Dr. Maria Gonzalez Martinez, Pr. Pierre Lagarrigue, Dr. Valérie Lavergne Boudier and Dr. David Panzoli
0.3 (ground floor) WS13 – Applied and Innovative Research within VET Education for the Energy transition Barbara van Ginneken, Prof. Dr. Henning Klaffke, Dirk de Wit and Miriam Korstanje
0.4 (ground floor) WS18 – Accelerate matchmaking in a network: what can we learn from trees and computers? Frans van den Akker and Eugene Zaaijer
Seminar 0.2 (ground floor) WS17 – Explore integration of sustainability in education from a reflexive, SDG and entrepreneurship perspective Lenny van Onselen and Sofia Pouri

Room: Salón de actos / Assembly Hall (2nd floor)

Place: Faculty Hall (ground floor)