• Ref. Code: WS14

  • Chair: Dr. Michel Galaup, Dr. Maria Gonzalez Martinez, Pr. Pierre Lagarrigue, Dr. Valérie Lavergne Boudier and Dr. David Panzoli

  • Duration: 2h

  • Organization: Institut National Universitaire Champollion

H2 VIRTUAL TRAINING is a digital training program developed at the University of Toulouse which addresses safety issues during maintenance operations on hydrogen vehicles

H2 Virtual training is a set of tools (e learning + 360 videos + VR) whose aim is to acculturate users to “hydrogen” gas, to train them in risk prevention in areas with an explosive atmosphere and then to apply the knowledge acquired to the maintenance of a hydrogen vehicle in a virtual garage. The objective of this tool is to support teachers in “hydrogen” training; it is not intended to be used alone.
The objective of this workshop is first to have participants evaluate a training on hydrogen risks, using 3 training tools, with an increasing degree of immersiveness (e-learning, 360 videos and VR) in order to determine the influence of the degree of immersion on the memorization. Then, a post-test questionnaire and a discussion with all the participants should make it possible to quantify the usability and effectiveness of the tools. The goal is first to be able to identify transposable good practices and also to to propose these tools to interested European high schools and universities.

Dr. Michel Galaup
Dr. Michel Galaup is an assistant professor in learning sciences

Dr. Maria Gonzalez Martinez (F)
Dr. Maria Gonzalez Martinez (F) is an Assistant Professor in on Chemical and Environmental engineering

Pr. Pierre Lagarrigue
Pr. Pierre Lagarrigue is a full professor in mechanical engineering

Dr. Valérie Lavergne Boudier
Dr. Valérie Lavergne Boudier is a research engineer and a former co-Head of the serious games company KTM advance

Dr. David Panzoli
Dr. David Panzoli is an assistant professor in Computer Science and Immersive Learning.

Institut National Universitaire Champollion (www.univ-jfc.fr)

We invite you to attend our workshop, “H2 VIRTUAL TRAINING,” which will take place this July 2024.

More information is available at: https://blogs.univ-jfc.fr/hydrogene/conferences/

An article gathering the results of the influence of the degree of immersion on memorization will be then be written.