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January 26, 2024
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February 2, 2024
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March 15, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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July 3-5, 2024
Conference dates

Accreditation at the Faculty Hall

Room: Salón de actos / Assembly Hall (2nd floor)
Name of session: The Nordic approach to sustainable energy education by Prof. Fco Beltran from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Room: Faculty Hall (ground floor)
Coffee break and gallery walk

Room: 0.1 (ground floor)
Name of session: Technical skills and tools in Sustainable Education
Tracks: 1 & 4
Chair: Pedro Fuentes

ID Titles Authors
538 Using heat-loss in buildings as a concept to foster sustainability and systems thinking in students Lorenzo Galante, Irina Mancheva, Stefano Fantucci and Valentina Serra
7001 The potential use of infrared cameras to provide a meaningful understanding of thermal science at different levels of education Mar Cañada Soriano, Guillermo Vilariño Feltrer and Rafael Royo Pastor
9086 Development of Practical Research-Led Teaching Activities Using a Low Carbon Heating and Storage System Robert Barthorpe
1635 Aeromimetics Juan Antonio Sánchez Serrano

Room: 0.2 (ground floor)
Name of session: Communicating Sustainability
Tracks: 2 & 4
Chair: Katrin Herget

ID Titles Authors
2734 Being effective when talking about Climate Change: an experience from the University of Trento (Italy) Maria Cantiani
4407 Semantic prosody in the field of environment and climate change: a corpus-based analysis Katrin Herget and Teresa Alegre
5600 Scrollytelling as a Strategy for Socio-Environmental Engagement: A Digital Citizen Science Narrative Approach Jorge Sanabria-Z, Inna Artemova, Jesús Gabriel Félix Mendívil and Pamela Geraldine Olivo-Montaño
6681 Guiding Policy Communication: Tailoring Energy Education to Diverse Public Sentiments Christina Speck, Philipp Fritz, Christof Weinhardt and Jonas Fegert

Room: 0.3 (ground floor)
Name of session: New Teaching Methods in Sustainable Education – I
Tracks: 4
Chair: Semih Severengiz

ID Titles Authors
8885 A study of problem-based learning in higher education with a focus on sustainability degree programmes Semih Severengiz, Stephan Sommer, Michelle Hoffmann and Ann Kathrin Stinder
5589 Renewable Technologies and Active Learning: Boosting Engineering Education through Student Research Groups Luis Sánchez, Maria Dolores Reyes and Yolanda E-Martín
1872 Integrating Service-Learning and Sustainability into the Engineering Curriculum: A Waste Management Case Study María Linares Serrano, Ines Moreno García and M. Isabel Pariente Castilla
5276 Active Blended Learning of Industry 5.0-Oriented Sustainable Power Engineering Specialists Valery Vodovozov, Zoja Raud and Eduard Petlenkov

Room: 0.4 (ground floor)
Name of session: Digital Tools and Sustainability in Education
Tracks: 1 & 4
Chair: Thomas Spelten

ID Titles Authors
3365 Digital educational tool on energy efficient retrofitting of buildings Jose Alberto Diaz Angulo, Silvia Soutullo Castro, Maria Nuria Sánchez Egido and Emanuela Giancola
3607 Development of a 3D virtual world tool for sustainable energy education Marta Guerra-Mota, Michalis Xenos, Maria Manuel Sá and Minas Dimosthenis
2130 Emerging Tech for Future Experts: Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI in Sustainable Education Dragan Vukmirovic, Tijana Comic, Nebojsa Stanojevic and Uros Milicevic

Room: 0.1 (ground floor)
Name of session: University Curricula
Tracks: 1 & 2 & 4
Chair: Michelle Hoffmann

ID Titles Authors
9766 Renewable Energy Management Education: Case Study of Birzeit University Ahmed Abu Hanieh
6462 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Higher Education: A Systematic Insights for Sustainable Energy Engineering Education at the University of Port Harcourt Tobinson Briggs and Ogheneruona Diemuodeke
6039 Embedding sustainability in a hierarchical HE system Paul O’Leary
8889 Context-Sensitive Multidisciplinary Curriculum for Sustainable Energy Access Education Ogheneruona Diemuodeke, Tobinson Briggs and Mohammed Ojapah

Room: 0.2 (ground floor)
Name of session: Sustainability and VET – I
Tracks: 1 & 4
Chair: Martijn Rietbergen

ID Titles Authors
3116 Understanding VET skills needs for enhancing the energy transition Martijn Rietbergen and Aleksi Heinonen
4128 Upskilling HVAC technicians on heat pump technologies for green energy transition Elisa Peñalvo-López, Vicente León-Martínez, Mar Cañada Soriano and Iván Valencia Salazar
4014 Upskilling of automotive engineers into electric and hybrid vehicles engineers in Greece Georgios Tsiranidis, Theocharis Xenitopoulos, Dimitrios Tsiamitros, Dimitrios Stimoniaris, Margarita Vatista, George Scroubelos, Theofano Kollatou, Athina Krestou, Ioannis Lamprakakis and Andreas Maropoulos
2546 Learning Cooperations as a Method to integrate Education for Sustainable Development into Further Vocational Education Thomas Spelten, Désirée Rottmann and Semih Severengiz

Room: 0.3 (ground floor)
Name of session: Promoting Sustainability – I
Tracks: 4
Chair: Mónica Martínez-Gómez

ID Titles Authors
6383 Key factors in the responsible consumption behaviour among university students: The case of Universitat Politècnica de València Mónica Martínez-Gómez, César Berná Escriche and Eliseo Bustamante García
4782 A Methodological Framework for Survey Design: Investigating Perceptions of Product Sustainability – A Case Study Svenja Hauck, Lucas Greif and Kim Skade
7137 Living labs and collaborative initiatives on European university campuses for sustainability learning: SusTIMEability-lab project Carla Montagud Montalvá, Javier Sanchis Saez, Javier Soriano Olivares, Ángel Sapena Bañó, Arantxa Querol Monforte and Elisa Peñalvo López
8405 Changing individuals, institutions and environmental conditions: an innovative hybrid participatory approach for sustainability in education Yolanda Lechón, Ana Prades, Silvia German, Josep Espluga, Markku Lehtonen, Jose Antonio Becerra, Israel Marques, Terhi Nokkala, Hannu Heikkinen, Anna Lehtonen, Niina Mykrä, Ricardo Chacartegui and Ana Rosa Gamarra

Room: 0.4 (ground floor)
Name of session: Online learning
Tracks: 4
Chair: Álvaro Manso-Burgos

ID Titles Authors
6387 Massive Open Online Courses for Sustainable Urban Development: the RES4CITY approach Álvaro Manso-Burgos, Carla Isabel Montagud Montalvá, Carlos Vargas Salgado, David Alfonso Solar and Rafael Royo Pastor
8610 Designing a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for Effective Learning in Electrical Energy Economics and Planning for Engineering Students Nofri Yenita Dahlan and Jefri Dahlan
765 Beyond Digital Survival… Student Resilience and Acceptance of On-line learning in France Nada Mallah Boustani, Loubna Mourtaji and Nathalie Chiss
5281 Exploring the Affordances of Blockchain Technology to Enable 5R Permissions for Co-Creating OER Bence Lukacs

Place: Faculty Hall (ground floor)
Name of session: Poster Session I
Tracks: All
Extra: Coffee will be served during the poster session

ID Titles Authors
3436 Education for sustainability in a secondary and vocational training center Elisa Adell
47 Agroecology and Energy Sustainability at IES “Las Norias”: A Solidarity Project for the Most Vulnerable Families. Cristóbal Sánchez Lozano, Gabriel Giménez Cisilino and Rubén José Ferrández Ballester
2477 Broadening horizons, sustainable development in education Ramon Soria, David Sornosa and IES El Cabanyal
8283 Pedal for your future Nuria Arenas Peiró and Susana Martí Sendra
3762 Sustainable Mobility Project Matias Sanchez García, Carlos Llorca, Carlos Hernández Vicente, Mercedes Llorens Nicolau and Daniel Francés Belda
2916 Implementation of Adaptive Training in Higher Mathematics at Riga Technical University Inta Volodko and Sarmite Cernajeva
2811 Valorisation of the Renewable Energy Capacity Building in Kenya Francis Xavier Ochieng, Joseph Ngugi Kamau and Ephantus Kamweru
7619 Development and sustainment in an Australian education context: Centring Indigenous Knowledges Gabrielle Murray
9052 Challenge-based control education in a master module of renewable energy systems Georg Pangalos, Carlos Cateriano Yáñez, Timon Kampschulte and Gerwald Lichtenberg
9469 Towards Sustainable Academia: Unveiling Trends and Challenges in University Energy Education in Zimbabwe Bright Chisadza and Keith Phiri
7770 Principles guiding a South-South capacity development teaching collaboration Monique Keevy
8076 An activity to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism business models for undergraduate students Vicent Caballer-Tarazona and Maria Caballer-Tarazona
2526 LLARS Application: Changing Lives from Download to Download Alba Álvarez Tormos, Joan Aparicio Navarro, Stella Bayona Sedeño, Cristina Catalán Lario, Jesús Comos García, José Manuel Gómez Maestre, Madalina Ionela Grigore, Érica-Alejandra Ivars Bernabeu, Santiago Guillermo Martínez Lozano, Rubén Merino Cantos, Lucia Monzón Barquero, Adriana Moreno González, Javier Navarro Bellver, Luisa Fernanda Robayo Julio, Iris Sánchez Orts, Marcel Sanz Serra, Alba Soler Espí and Silvia Aja Martínez
3828 Failures of Education Policy Reforms to Address Climate Change Donal Mulcahy and Judith Madera

Name of sessions: Workshops – Session I

Room Title Chairs
0.0 (ground floor) WS07 - Build your own LEAF: Learning Ecosystem Taking Action for the Future Linette Bossen and Saskia Postema
0.1 (ground floor) WS05 – Game-based Learning for Sustainability in Management Education (GAME-SME) Fabio Nonino, Luca Fraccascia, Mirko Giagnorio
0.2 (ground floor) WS01 – Enabling the flow of knowledge for the Energy and Hydrogen Transition Marsha Wagner, Jan Geurt van Kessel, Pim Opraus and Yvette Lanting
0.3 (ground floor) WS03 – ESExNBS@NEB – Exploring Sustainable Education implementing the Nature-Based Solution in the New European Bauhaus perspective Elena Mussinelli and Ellie Mavroudi
0.4 (ground floor) WS02 – Sustainable Energy Education: Delivering the energy workforce of the future. Mascha Moorlach and Jacqueline Garcia
Seminar 0.2 (ground floor) WS04 – MINDS – Meaningful Immersive Narratives Driving Sustainability Karolien Van Riel and Rob De With