• Ref. Code: WS06

  • Chair: Gerben Huiszoon

  • Duration: 2h

  • Organization: The T-shore Project partners

Welcome to “Empowering Through Education: T-Shore’s Approach to Wind Turbine Technician Training,” a workshop designed for educators, trainers, and professionals committed to the advancement of sustainable energy education. At the heart of our mission is the harmonisation of training programs across Europe, aiming to establish a standardised yet flexible curriculum that meets the diverse needs of offshore wind technicians. This ambition confronts the intricate challenge of aligning educational practices across five countries, each with its unique education system and course programming methodologies.

The T-Shore project is at the forefront of revolutionising wind turbine technician training across Europe. With a visionary approach to harmonising learning scenarios, T-Shore aims to standardise the education of technicians in a field that is critical for the future of sustainable energy. This workshop introduces T-Shore’s mission and outlines the development of a comprehensive training program and its first set of four developed learning scenarios. These scenarios represent the initial phase in a broader curriculum designed to encompass an extensive range of modules, each tailored to equip technicians with a holistic skill set vital for the burgeoning sustainable energy sector, now in the testing phase across various T-Shore regions. Our goal is to engage participants in a practical exploration of these scenarios, seeking valuable feedback to ensure adaptability and effectiveness across diverse European contexts. Join us to contribute to shaping a future where wind energy technicians are uniformly skilled, versatile, and ready to meet the challenges of renewable energy maintenance and innovation.
By joining this session, you will contribute to the crucial conversation on standardizing and enriching the training of wind turbine technicians, marking a significant step towards a sustainable energy future.

Workshop Objectives

  • Introduce the T-Shore Project and Its Vision
  • Showcase Learning Scenarios Developed by T-Shore
  • Demonstrate Practical Applications of Learning Scenarios
  • Facilitate Interactive Group Activities
  • Gather Participant Feedback on Learning Scenarios
  • Discuss the Challenges and Strategies for Harmonizing Education.


  1. Intro
  2. Presentation of the learning scenarios
  3. Brekaout into working groups
  4. Group feedback session
  5. Closing remarks

Gerben Huiszoon
Scalda, The Netherlands
Gerben Huiszoon has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology and is an expert in Offshore Renewable Energy education. He has 10 years of experience as manager of Engineering departments in Higher Education and is an IPMA certified project manager. Gerben is pro-active and delivers on his promises. His reputation, open attitude and sense of humour have helped him build a network of strong alliances in education, local government and industry enabling him to prove his value for numerous clients in the province of Zeeland.

The T-shore Project partners

We invite you to attend our workshop, “Empowering Through Education: T-Shore’s Approach to Wind Turbine Technician Training,” which will take place this July 2024. Our session is dedicated to educators, trainers, and professionals in the sustainable energy sector who are passionate about advancing education and training methodologies.

Link: https://t-shore.eu/events/seed-international-conference-on-sustainable-energy-education/